So back in November we published a post after running Valencia marathon to say we had seen lots of groups pushing disabled children around the course in something similar to this.
Well had a lot of great feedback from people regarding this, and we have not forgotten it.
After looking into it we quickly realised that the races have to have the correct insurance to enable this to happen!
But good news is that the fabulous organisers of the Shrewsbury half marathon have confirmed we can push people around their race!
So on Sunday 17th June we have places to get a team together to enter this great race.
What we do need however is someone to push! Our idea is to push a girl or boy around the course and have a few friends/family members as a team join us to take it in turns to push. It doesn’t matter what your ability in running is we will go as slow as we need to.
The idea is to give someone the chance to experience a race environment that might not have the chance otherwise. Even better if some of family and friends were running there first too!
We will provide t shirts, entry and sponsor page for everyone all we require is you to turn up enjoy yourself and collect the medals at the end of 13.1 Miles!
So if you know of anyone this would appeal to please get in touch. If they have there own chair great, if not we as a charity are happy to purchase one as we hope to use it on more and more races over the next 12 months.

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Big thank you to all at Oswestry Rugby Club and former pupils of Oswestry school for putting on the rugby game Saturday with raffle and auction.
And also to ORUFC and former player Mike Longshore who donated a great golf package at the recent sportsman dinner which funds went to us again.
In total we have just banked over £500! The aim is to use this to buy a new sports wheelchair for someone and for them to name it ‘Nigel’ in memory of our former trustee Nigel Keighley.
Thanks again to all players and everyone involved in The Keighley Cup, we as a charity really appreciate it.

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So proud of our incredible ambassador Hannah Cockroft on the last leg tonight xxx ...

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Everyone that completes a marathon is simply amazing. But @claire80lomas words don’t do you justice for completing this marathon. Total total respect and 29000 well earned £’s too #inspiring #InspirationMonday

Manchester Marathon@Marathon_Mcr

CONGRATULATIONS @claire80lomas for completing the @ASICSUK Greater Manchester Marathon and raising over £29,000 for @supportnsif. An incredible achievement. We're all so proud of you. 👏🏼👏🏼

#Manchester join us for the next @McrSoup on 25 April. Meet the #community a micro fund a small #charity, #socent or local project. Join us

Last Saturday Oswestry Rugby Club hosted a combine Oswestry School side in The Keighley Cup.

The Keighley Cup played annually to remember a great man Nigel Keighley who had a long history with both Oswestry...

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