Manchester Marathon 10th April 2016

This year on April 10th see’s the 40th Anniversary of the Asics Manchester Marathon. It has been voted the best Marathon in the UK for the past 2 years by the prestigious running awards. Both [...]

2 days ago

The 53 Foundation

Whilst I will be watching football all weekend take a look at our truly crazy Trustee Whippet will be up too!!
I can’t imagine 5 laps of a track let alone hundreds! Mental stuff!!
He deserves a few quid to help

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5 days ago

The 53 Foundation

Please get in touch with us to help speed the process up. ...

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2 months ago

The 53 Foundation

Absolutely love this, but not as much as Hannah the shy retiring girl she is will!! ...

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POWERCHAIR: @STFC_ITC hold weekly disability sport sessions for a range of disabilities, called #Shrewsability. Today, you can meet Duncan - one of our #Powerchair participants and hear about his story >

@WembleyTrust @EFLTrust

Take a look at what our trustee @WhippetRC is up to this weekend!! 500 laps of a track!! Crazy. I think he should take @HCDream2012 next in o e lap!! Please donate a few pound to him here. Good luck

We are going to be updating our website over next few weeks. Could anyone that we have helped or donated money too send a photo of youbwoth your equipment & a couple of lines of how it’s helped we will contact you but this will help us!! Thanks

What a great idea by @STFC_ITC @shrewsweb
Do you know anyone with an amputee? How about getting the involved, find new friends, keep fit. We will be paying a visit soon #charity #Shrewsbury #amputee #amputeefootball #shropshire #disabilities #disabilitysport

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