On Sunday 13th December Amy Hughes will be starting a challenge aptly named “THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS”.

Each day she will be doing a different activity or sport from Inline skating, swimming and High Board diving to Cycling, Mountaineering and of course running.

The idea behind it is to show people that they can get active in a variety of different ways and to have fun. But also to take Amy out of her comfort zone taking on different activities she has never tried before too.

We are also hoping to raise funds for our charity The 53 Foundation (www.the53foundation.co.uk) but also as Amy works for The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and is passionate about working for them and helping underprivileged youths, she also wants to raise money for them too.(www.damekellyholmestrust.org).

Amy is going to have a few friends helping her out from the world of sport and TV too so keep an eye out over the next few weeks and please donate to these amazing charities, we understand its xmas and money is tight but even just a £1 can make so much difference to peoples lives.

Funding link will be active soon.