Our first event for The 53 Foundation was the Potteries marathon held in Stoke on Trent.

Some months earlier Amy had asked via her Facebook page if anyone would like to join us running the marathon and take up one of the six places that had been donated to us by the organisers. The response was fantastic and not only did we get six amazing people to take up the offer we also had other people writing in asking if they could pay for their own places could they still run and raise money for The 53 Foundation and all run together as TEAM 53.

So on Sunday 5th July TEAM 53 assembled at the Britania stadium Stoke for the first potteries marathon in 20 years ! The first event for The 53 Foundation ! The first TEAM 53 event and the first marathon for some of TEAM 53 !!

After 6 hrs of sight seeing through the area and some lovely hills (Lots of hills)!! The last of TEAM 53 crossed the line in what was a fantastic event with a group of people from all over the UK that ran in the spirit we had hoped for which was to go out and enjoy the marathon be it their 1st or 70th !!

A really heartfelt thanks has to be said to all of TEAM 53 from both Amy & Dave for the whole team taking time out of their lives to help raise money for our charity. So Cathy Bowen, Teri Jackson, Jo Cayton, Anna Lewin, David Wheatley, Cerys Williams, Tim Molloy and Andy Plummer THANK YOU, you are all part of The 53 Foundation.